Welcome to my "Editing Services for Writers and Authors" page!

I know how excited you must be now that the book you've been working so hard on is almost finished. I don't doubt that you are just itching to get it out to the masses and I don't blame you one bit. You've worked hard and you want it read by everyone. Great Job!

That being said, I urge you to wait just a little longer if you haven't had it edited by anyone other than yourself. I know it's a lot to ask but this is the kind of book review you might get if you don't (this is a REAL review by a reader (not me) of a book that is available for sale to the public):

"This has to the the worst editing and proofreading I have ever seen in a commercially published book. If I taught any kind of a writing class above seniors in high school I would make them read this as a great example of why you need proofreading and editing. I can not believe that there are teaches reviewing this book and giving it great reviews. It has a good story line and if the author would have had some professional help it might have been a good book. If you have more than a 9th grade education you will probably be disappointed! Save your money!"

This is a prime example of how big and small mistakes in your book WILL DIMINISH a READERS DESIRE to PURCHASE future WORK BY YOU.

I love reading and I've been writing and proofreading for years. I am offering editing services at an affordable price: 10 WORDS FOR A PENNY (e.g. 60,000 words = $60.00).

If you would like to utilize this service, please send me an email at becky.illsonskinner@yahoo.ca with the details (word count) and I will provide you with an actual quote and invoice. Services will be billed through PayPal.

Happy Writing to Everyone!


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