Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogs of Interest

Good morning or should I say afternoon everyone! I LOVE the weekends :-)

Some of you may have noticed that I keep changing the blog's look and that is because I'm figuring out what I like, what works and what doesn't work. I've been visiting other blogs and the list of "Blogs of Interest" is growing as a result. I don't add every writing blog I come across, just the really good ones!

Of these, Jungle Red Writers really stood out and caught my attention probably because it is written by eight sassy like minded women, of which I am one and because this blog is filled with interesting content that gets my attention and gears moving - it makes me think and I like that. This blog has been active since March of 2007 and is well established and if you enjoy writing you should really check it out. Trust me, I know they certainly don't need me to give them my approval but their blog really impressed me and I hope that my Mystery Writers Unite blog will be just as popular as their site one day -- you've given me something to aspire too. Thanks ladies!!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday :-)


Friday, September 30, 2011

Product Review - The Crime Writer's Reference Guide: 1001 Tips for Writing the Perfect Murder

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

I don't know how the rest of you started out writing about murder and mystery but when I started writing my book, I felt a bit lost as to what wording to use to make sure that what I was writing would play out like a real scene and would be engaging and "real" to the reader. Being that I'm not a police officer, a lawyer or a crimnologist this proved to be difficult at times. How does an investiagtion play out, what happens in court, etc. All of these questions needed to have answers and that is where The Crime Writer's Reference Guide: 1001 Tips for Writing the Perfect Murder is most helpful!

Even if you've already published your first book, this book is a handy little reference guide to have on hand when you need to ampu up a scene or two or just need to make sure you have the facts right. It's filled with great tips on investigating, cops, the courts, illegal drugs, the prison system and crime. Certainly worth the small investment!

Happy writing and reading to all!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writing Groups - National


Here are some links that are located nationally for those that visit and are not in the Ottawa area :-)

  • The Canadian Association of Journalists (“The Corporation exists to promote excellence in journalism”) upholds the common Canadian's right to know. Find out how to join the national capital chapter or find news, sponsorships, and information about upcoming events. Subscribe to their freelancing e-mail list.
  • Canadian Science Writers' Association is a handy site for all science-based writers. You'll find science facts, events and job opportunities as well as information on how to join their association.
  • Professional Writers Association of Canada, formerly the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, PWAC represents Canadian freelance writers and journalists. They offer writers' resources and information about events.
  • The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (Canada) is dedicated to writers and artists of children's literature and offers news on events, articles and publications. Their parent organization even supports a discussion board and they organize an annual conference in both Los Angeles and New York City.
  • Young Poets of Canada is useful for young poets and teachers. Chat with other young poets, peruse their articles, or find information on other inspiring poets anywhere from John Keats to Tupac Shakur.


Writing Groups Ottawa

Good morning :-)

It is a wet and rainy day in the Nation's Captial and days like this make me want to hybernate in my "girl cave" and bang out scenes on my computer. The weather also, for some reason unkown to me, makes me full of thoughts and ideas! So, I thought today's post would include a few links about groups in Ottawa that support writers through meeting and sharing ideas, frustrations, success and nice times. Check out the links and see if any of these groups might appeal to you.
  • Capital Crime Writers, founded in 1988, is for those interested in writing or researching crime fiction and meets on the second Wednesday of the month.
  • Ottawa Independent Writers, created in 1984, is dedicated to writers with a yearning to create fiction. Their site contains contests, links for writers and editors.
  • The Valley Writers' Guild has information on awards, competitions, and upcoming writing events in Ontario. A writer can join the group for $35 per year.
Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suggestions to Deal with Writer's Block

Have you ever sat down to write and as prepared as you thought that you were nothing came to mind? Writer's block is common and I think everyone experiences it once in awhile. What do you do to deal with writer's block?

I find that if I do my best not to narrowly focus and just let my mind wander...take the pressure to produce pages out of the equation it helps me to relax and before I know it the words just flow. Atmosphere will play a big part in your ability to write too. I don't know what your house is like but some days mine is filled with many distractions whereas other days it has the perfect space for me to stretch my mental creativity! 

What tricks do you use when afflicted with writer's block? What inspires you?

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Welcome to my Mystery Writers Unite blog. I hope you visit often, comment a lot and we all have fun discussing and celebrating what writing means to us.

I have been writing for years and it wasn't until a great friend of mine, Kate Burns, asked if I wanted to read and review her first novel, that I had ever considered starting to write one of my own. I read her book and LOVED it!! It is for sale on iBooks (I will let her post the details) and I encourage everyone to get a copy and enjoy!

My book is still being drafted but I am getting closer to "The End" :-) I've had such a blast working on my book that I felt moved enough to want to start a blog about writing a mystery.

Hope everyone is having a great day, that you will join my blog, share the link with your friends, post comments and come back often.