Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poetry Corner ~ Calling all POETS!!

I'm really hoping some of the GREAT authors of poetry that I know are out there because I've tweeted or chatted with them, begin to partake in this weekly ONLINE POETRY SLAM! I'm tired of "winning" every week by

Here is my submission this week (WARNING: NOT FOR YOUNG READERS):

Longing, Lust and Desire

The mind is a powerful thing and mine is a sea of relentless sexual torture as I sit here thinking of you,
I started with a blank canvass that is now filled with images that mock me,
The vivid picture that has come to life in my minds eye has left me yearning and wanton,
Imagine the sky is a mixture of light clouds and blue sky, the sun is out and yet a slight rain is falling,
You stumble upon me laying in the lush grass under a maple tree in the corner of the yard,
I'm naked and the cool rain is falling upon my heated flesh, enhancing my erotic thoughts, which are already plentiful,
You watch as I lightly trace a droplet that has fallen between my breasts with the tips of my fingers,
My skin feels electrically charged and as my fingers continue to caress, my eyes close and my back arches pushing my breasts forward,
A frustrated sigh escapes my lips, my dark nipples are hard and jutting begging to be touched,
I am longing for you to be beside me pressing your naked body against mine our legs entwined,
As I lay there touching myself I can almost feel your hands knotted in my hair as you pull me to you and claim my mouth with yours,
Your tongue a mixture of sweet and spicy as you probe the depths of me, you are sure, slow and demanding more,
My hips rock against your cool thigh and you feel the warmth of my heated excitement,
You thrust your hardness against me as your hands cup my behind and pull me closer, you strain for control gritting your teeth,
I open myself to you and inch by inch my body claims you, wrapping you within walls of warm pleasure,
You move your hips slowly and purposefully as we cling to each other, our eyes locked in shared passion,
The waves of pleasure rising and falling, rising and falling, our breath is labored, muscles taunt,
You feel me tighten around you and as I breach the crest I call out your name, my nails dig into your back,
Control is now a distant memory as you move more urgently, one hand holding my hips down while the other pulls my hair,
Your body tenses, your face contorts in lust as you twitch inside me filling me with your warm seed,
Languid and momentarily spent we lay in the wet grass still embraced our eyes saying what words cannot.

Written by Becky Illson-Skinner

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