Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Can YOU Write in 6 Sentences or Something Like It!

Hi everyone,

Voting for what the Sunday post should be about has only been open for a week, which isn't enough time to make a decision. Let's give it another week and see where we end up and what idea is the most popular according to all of YOU. 

So far, the numbers stack up as follows:

Idea One: The Online Story

Idea Two: Week in Review

Idea Three: Guest Blogger

Idea Four: eBook Giveaway

I will let all of you know next Sunday which idea was the best of the four according to those that visited an let their wishes be known. If you need more information in order to cast your vote (maybe this is your first time visiting MYSTERY WRITERS UNITE or you missed last Sunday's post) take a few minutes and read the post from last Sunday. 

I encourage you to get your vote in and make your voice count. This website is being structured around YOU the reader so let's make it what you want!

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