Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Genre Question

Hi all :-)

Here is a topic of debate: 

As a writer, should you write only one genre or , like actors and actresses,  should you stretch your limits and try and write many different genres? 

I've heard both sides to the debate:

Some people think that writers should focus on one genre and one only (e.g. once a writrer of mystery, always a writer of mystery). That they should become an expert in that particular genre and build a strong following. Does this mean that the writer is branding the genre and not themselves?

Othere people believe that writers should never be tied to one genre but instead they should use their talents and their creative thoughts to write about whatever comes to them and not worry about branding a specific kind of book / audience. These writers would have to have a strong focus on branding themselves and not their work.

Personally, I think I tend to agree more with the latter statement as I believe that writers can cross from writing a thriller to a romance novel. I think writing should be based upon whatever creative thought takes place in a writers mind and that this process shouldn't be inhibited by genre.

What do you think? Also, if you agree with me, do you think writers should have a different pen name for each book genre they write or should they use the same name regardless of genre?

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megaan said...

I think its a good idea too be able too use two Genres . Its not like it makes your book any less interesting . Plus , it could add some extras into your book if its more then one and make it more appealing too the reader . For example , if you like romance novels , with action with guns and stuff ... or vampires chasing after people , two different kinds of genres are a great idea .