Monday, October 17, 2011

What can you write in 6 sentences?

Happy Monday!!

What can you write on my blog in 6 sentences?
I thought we would do something fun and interactive again and seen this neat website that asked a very interesting and challenging question -- What can your write in 6 sentences? The only rule this website had for this challenge was that all 6 sentences had to be contained in one paragraph. So, what can YOU write in 6 sentences?

I scoured the draft of the book I'm writing and found a paragraph about one of my characters that contains 6 sentences, which is as follows :-)

"This brings us back to where he is now. He has succeeded in business and in terms of material possessions he is considered wealthy. He has a very large house with five bedrooms, two and half baths, a sunk-in living room, a sun room, a large den, and a beautiful custom made all weather veranda. Every room in the house has been professionally decorated in a traditional country classic design and the overall effect was comfortable. The property boasted an in-ground pool, Jacuzzi and a three-car garage. He also has a summer cottage, a boat, three vehicles and money in the bank and can afford to vacation as often as he would like. Yet, he’s never felt so empty or miserable in all his life. He longs to be needed again, to get his life on the “right track” and feel alive inside. Simply, he longs to be loved and to love someone."

I encourage anyone and everyone to post a comment and see what you can write in 6 sentences!!

Have a great Monday,



Anonymous said...

This entry is not from a mystery in the sense of most "mystery" novels, but it's from the first chapter, titled "Mystery and ecstasy," from my about-to-be-released novel, The Bones of the Earth.
These are six sentences from, coincidentally, the sixth paragraph that, I hope, tell a lot about the MC:

As always, Javor was the last to arrive and stood a little apart, wondering what to do. What if they tell me to leave? he thought. He shifted his weight from foot to foot until he spotted Hrech, his only friend. Then he saw Elli talking with her two girlfriends at the side of the clearing. She is prettier than Grat, and nicer, too, he thought as usual. Why does everyone like Grat better?

Becky Illson-Skinner said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for playing my silly little game :-) I'm thrilled that the 6 sentences you decided upon happended to be in the 6th paragraph of your book.

Congratulation's on being so close to releasing your novel - if you are looking for someone to showcase it and help promote it, let me know.

Thanks again,

R.S. Guthrie said...

Hi, Becky...great idea! I grabbed this from the 1st paragraph in my WIP novel "Dark Prairies":

The big man ached all over. He’d cried, shut himself up, and cried again. His heart felt so worn down it did not beat so much as murmur; a utilitarian thing without feeling or sound. The loss consumed him, and his will would not rise—muted by a damp, negative space swallowing his physical being. Pruett was shattered; broken in ways he might never fix. Loneliness encased him—an invisible, merciless force threatening to erase all he was or ever would be.

Becky Illson-Skinner said...

Now, we are getting somewhere...three fantastic posts using only 6 sentences.

We have some talented people out there and it shines through when only a few sentences can move one to feel something...

Thanks for sharing :-)

James said...

Let's try this. Only six lines from my upcoming book Musings of a Particular Bear:

Shattered dreams come, falling into my memory, like rain in the fiercest of storms.
Each shard contains a memory, my past yanked forward.
These symbols show me how hopeless my life really is.
I focus on one particular shard, a bright shard, with a slight crack.
This shard shows me the reason I have gone on this long.
For in this shard is contained, my memories of you.

Becky Illson-Skinner said...


I can almost feel the desperation in this character, the pain and the longing for all that has been and all that they hold onto.

Thanks for sharing :-)


Anonymous said...


A death scene: Saul of Tarsus

This Saul lay face up in the fountain. Water splashed all around his floating form, continuing to baptize him over and over, even in death. His face turned to the heavens. He had experienced a revelation all his own. The expression on his face told them — he had seen a light, a terrible light. And had gone to it.

Becky Illson-Skinner said...

Here is another one from me from another WIP I'm flushing out...

I am lying naked on the bed, my arms are tied tightly above my head and the room is cold upon my skin. My legs are tethered to the bedposts and cramping from the strain; my buttocks have been smacked repeatedly and my lips are bruised and swollen. I am helpless and trying not to show my fear because he thrives on it. I’m scared of what else he may do to me and I don’t know how to stop him. He is bigger than me and stronger than me. My mind is screaming for reprieve and yet my lips are unwilling to voice my thoughts.


Becky Illson-Skinner said...


That is awesome!!

I was so thrilled for you this weekend for your first book signing...congratulations, again.

Love ya,

Simon tall said...

My 6 sentences, written for this:

Six was the number she hated most, it hovered on the keypad of her phone; there on the right, taunting her. Six was the number of times she had seen him, been near him; experienced him, had him. As her finger hovered over the keys all she could think about was his taste, the scent of him; it filled her being like a like an ache, a pain. It hung deliciously in the pit of her stomach; lust or love, she didn't know which, neither did she care. She just knew that the effect was physical, an idea that could consume her if she wasn't careful. Pressing six would turn it into seven, seven times and she would know she was actually lost in him; her finger hovered...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bec! You rock, you know. Love.

Becky Illson-Skinner said...


Great 6!!

I love the indecision that she seems to be experiencing with her finger hovering over the key to him.

I have a feeling she will press that button and she is only fooling herself to think otherwise...