Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poetry Corner ~ Calling all POETS :-)

Calling all POETS!!

I've decided this will be a regular weekend event on Saturday's because I LOVE poetry and want to share this passion with others.

Here is my submission this week...

The Void

The scented candles fill the room with jasmine and a warm glow; the flames are dancing to a beat only my ears can hear,
I’ve poured myself a glass of red wine and the exotic mixture of natures bounty teases my tongue both sweet and bitter; mirroring life,
My thoughts turn to you and my longing for love and acceptance bears down on me, almost too much to endure,

I wish you were here even if it was just to hold me to reassure me that I’m real to someone other than myself,

But your are not and silence is my only response it mocks me within these walls turning the emotional void I’m feeling into a physical ache,

I have to remind myself that this isn’t your fault, it's just so much easier to accept when I can blame someone else,

Bitter tears roll down my face followed by manic laughter for my chest,

Helping me to unwind and unravel the knot that has formed at my core, allowing me to continue to breathe at least for awhile.

Have a great day!



Kate Burns said...

While my eyes are closed
there is a space
for hope
it sits in my heart
my mind
behind my eyes
teasing me with pretty colours
squeezing out everything else
turning me away
from the world
then the alarm goes off
my eyes open
and it goes away
leaving the space empty again
and I am relieved
because now I can get up
and be in the world
without you.

April O'Brien said...

Katrina my love
First thing every morning my mind flows to you,
then reality hits me, your time here is through.
No changing the weather no mountain to move,
what reason for living if I'm not living for you?

The mail came today, a letter for you.
I wanted to run up the street yelling,
She was here! See, it's true!
Your pictures tell stories that I wish people knew,
I just can't accept that your time here is through!

One day I pretended you were asleep in your bed,
I screamed out your name, Katrina, get up sleepy head!
I wanted so badly for you to yell back, Just 10 more minutes mom. But I got silence instead.

The sun still rises but its glow is gone.
Colors have lost there vibrancy, and we don't know how to go on.
I must find completely new reasons to do almost everything,
when just a short time ago, you were my reason for living!

Thank god I have Kevin, he strengthens my will
but the emptiness I'm feeling no one can fill.
Both of our hearts are broken, our lives ever changed
but if we could do it all over again, we would never complain.

You were not just my daughter, you were my best friend.
25 years here is not long enough, It was just the beginning,
it should not be the end!

It went by too quickly, this thing we call life.
People say that you are in a better place, I wish that were true.
All that I'm sure of, is that your time here is through...

April O'Brien said...

Kevin oh Kevin, look what we've lost,
more than all words can explain...
How do we survive it, how do we go on,
can mere mortals survive this much pain?
If we had the power to know what would come would we do it all over again?
The answer is simple, of course we would dear, great losses are lessons and without them we've nothing to gain. If we hadn't known her, been part of her life, the emptiness would still be the same.
Kissing her cheek and watching her smile gave us so many wonderful years. Remember that summer when she turned 16 and we realized that she had grown up? We knew then that she was on loan to us love. We saw her wings flutter and lift her above us when she got in that car all alone. She drove off toward happiness we couldn't deny her, and oh how her happiness shown. Her first taste of freedom, we relished it with her, we wouldn't have missed that for sure. Sweet memories she gave us, memories we keep, she's with us each moment we're here. And until we're together we'll mention her name, and dream of her each night as we sleep.
April O'Brien

April O'Brien said...

Remember me,

Remember me once in a while; do not forget my name.
For you and I will meet again our memories made remain.

I’m still here, I’m with you now, and never will we part.
It’s just a moment lost in time; you’re always in my heart.

Remember me in this peaceful place, a place we long to be.
Mourn my loss but not for long as I wait here patiently.

Our memories strong and always there reminding us each day,
Of what a gift this thing called life, death can’t take that away.

A place not far yet seems to be is where I wait for you.
A place serene with no more pain my love for you still true.

As days go by the time will pass, the pain I’m sure will ease.
Allow yourself to love again, I’m asking you this please.

There’s love enough for more than one, I’m hoping you will see,
And all I ask from anyone is please remember me…

April O’Brien

Anonymous said...

At a slight, the silhouette of barren birch slowly disappears into darkness.

Half-frozen ground strewn with leaves of past autumn eerily crunch beneath my steps.

The cold, damp air comforts my thoughts as I breathe deep. I am once again, at the ridge.

Awaiting delivery of fresh inspiration, I stand still, concentrating on the dead silence this place offers my soul to devour.

I am stricken and I gather my take!

In silence and dark of the night, I peer upward through the trees to the sky purveying it's treasure.

The northern lights! Aurora Borealis!

The sky dances within it's own beauty illuminating my cold, desolate, retreat from the ridge...

Marty Finbow 2009

Becky Illson-Skinner said...

I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all that submitted a poem today - it will be because of people like you that Poetry Corner in our little space of cyber space will find a home!

To April:

Your words they touched me in ways I cannot say,
I lost a loved one too along the way,
He is gone, he will never return,
A part of my heart will always yearn,
I remind myself we are lucky I guess,
Because we are here on this life quest,
But the tears still fall in this silence and gloom,
When I'm alone and nobody's looking at me in my room.