Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poetry Corner ~ Calling all POETS

Hi everyone,

Whoo Whoo -- it's POETRY day here on Mystery Writers Unite :-)

Here is my submission this week:


I opened a door for you and then turned away leaving it unattended.
When you entered you were so quiet in your approach that I didn't see you coming; I  welcomed you when you arrived.
Everything in life happens for a reason - isn't that what they say? That we learn something with each acquaintance we make.
I've given this some thought and when I'm alone I tremble with worry and delight about what lesson you are here to teach me.
What am I meant to learn under your tutelage? Are you here to teach me a lesson or is it the other way around?
At first glance, I didn't think you presented any key that linked into my life's journey.
Then as I pulled the layers away and really looked at you - so open and so vulnerable - I knew this was destined.
Do you know why? Would you tell me if you did?
The bounty you could offer is not tangible or even appreciated by many in this cold world because it doesn't sparkle and can't be bought.
It must be earned and people are lazy in this world of little effort and big expectations.
So they miss out, which is unfortunate because this gift is priceless and limitless.
Too bad, such fools they are to see someone in such materialistic ways.
I'm glad that I've risen above such nonsense.
Are you ready for me? Am I ready for YOU?

Have a great day!


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Kate Burns said...

So SERIOUS!! (kidding... love it.)


There once a guy we'll call Bucket
(Like Jackson's kid Blanket, but f**k it)
Now let's not make this rude,
He took up with a dude,
Well, in fact, with a man from Nantucket

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