Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poetry Corner ~ Calling all POETS

Hi everyone,

Poetry Corner is so much fun and I love it when people express themselves here on Mystery Writers Unite! Leave a comment with some of your poetry today :-)

Here is my submission this week:

The Eagle  

I recently came across an eagle that was wounded yet still very much alive.
I sat filled with sadness and sorrow as I watched it struggle; feeling guilty over my own knowledge and wisdom.
What I would give to be able to lend my stubbornness and strength but the eagle is too proud and turns its head in rejection.
The eagle's pain and yearning for flight are almost palpable in my own heart and I sit here helpless in helping.
The eagle could find strength in forbidden places, yet another struggle in which it fights off for a life of freedom in this thing we call life.
The eagle's keen eyes are watchful as it see's things it yearns for - love, freedom, acceptance, forgiveness - dangle just outside of its reach. 
In time, its broken feathers molt away revealing strong new bold layers of protection underneath; the outward delicate, dull appearance gone.
Healing all that is broken inside and out and finding unexpected reserves; sometimes in spite of its pride.
Like the stranger that shares some time, sustenance and balance for the mere pleasure of it...for example.
Until one day the eagle stands on that high perch, spreads it wings and moves onward and forward in spite of it all.

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