Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Openers: An Interactive Muscle Stretcher

Come here. Closer. Clooooser.... yes. Perfect. Now, who would like to play a game? I want to see the wildest, most intriguing, most tantalizing opener you can think of! In the comments, please.
And leave your twitter name; I will tweet these tomorrow.

One rule: Make it up, right now. Don't use an old one.

I'll start.

It was after midnight. She'd dozed off on the couch again, and the gun had slipped to the carpet. One of these days she was going to shoot her nose off in her sleep, she thought briefly, and smiled. Then she sat bolt upright and silenced her stray thoughts. The television was on, and it was watching her again. Without taking her eyes off it, she surreptitiously reached down for the revolver.

Kate Burns

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Anonymous said...

Ethan Moss hated the city, especially at midnight, and—as he stumbled out of his dingy one-bedroom apartment and onto the midnight asphalt for another ‘Hunt,’ as he liked to call it—he reminded himself of that fact.

More than the city itself, he also hated the people who lived around him, in his so-called neighborhood. It was filled with duplexes, and senior citizen homes. Oak Head, Florida,.. that’s what they called it. Ethan called it Hell.

The cool night air filled his lungs, and it refreshed him, but only briefly; because during his next few steps his nostrils were greeted by the stench from something he first thought must have been a half empty container of soured milk, possibly lodged among the random garbage in a nearby dumpster.

He gagged.

It nearly made him vomit—but he hurried along anyway.

He could not be late.

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