Saturday, December 17, 2011

Poetry Corner ~ Calling all POETS!!

Another week of SLAMMIN POETRY!! WHOO WHOO!! 

As all of you know, I love the way we can express ourselves through writing and I find poetry is a wonderful way to express happiness, fear, longing, desire, anger, frustration, and so many more emotions!

My submission this week is another really old poem that I wrote. To this day, I still remember who it was directed at and why....

I'm Glad

Did the salt I rub in your open wound hurt?
Did you feel the sharp blade of my cruel tongue?
Good, I'm glad you've at least suffered some.

Did you hurt from a memory that hovers in your conscience?
Did you bleed because I no longer care and you know it?
Good, I'm glad I can affect you.

Did you hate my words and the meeting they held?
Did you dislike my honesty with you?
Good, I'm glad I can teach you something.

Did you rage inside and want to erase me?
Did you scream in frustration?
Good, I'm glad you've felt that way for once.

Did you hate me at that moment and want to see me suffer?
Did you feel shame at your irresponsibility?
Good, I'm glad we're even!

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