Sunday, December 11, 2011

What Can YOU Write in 6 Sentences?

Hi everyone,

My six sentences this week for your reading

I thought of you today and discovered I still miss you. How did you become such a part of me? Sometimes thoughts of you bring comfort and at other times pain. I'm reminded of your restless spirit and your piercing brown eyes that never seemed to really smile. How I longed to take away that pain and support you until you were whole again. I now realize I was wasting my time because your demons live to deeply within your soul.

What can you portray in 6 sentences? Love, Loss, Anger, Fear, Joy....Give it a try!


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Anonymous said...

People who use the mail regularly are careful people, the kind who plan ahead and execute with precision. They remember birthdays and wedding anniversaries, update addresses in their tattered black books, and never have to say they lost touch with a friend. They are thoughtful — or they are lunatics.

Maisie Paniuk, with her tilted grin and possessing a voice like the bark of a small dog, never missed a chance to send a birthday card.

Of course, she was also fifty ways to crazy, having burned to sticks the trailer of her ex-boyfriend and drinking buddy Elias Coté just last winter, and people who knew her usually gave her a wide berth every time she came into the Pickle Lake Post Office.

But the woman who'd stepped off the North Star Air Turbo Otter float plane twenty-five minutes ago, didn't — and that's where the ruckus really began.