Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poetry Corner ~ Calling ALL Poets!

The Painter

The canvas is ready and my brush is poised,
I’ll be the painter and fill this blank space,
The scene I wish to aspire to is attainable,
With all its warmest and richest shades,
There are only ripples of darkness in this picture,
I see a sky so blue and clear,
With a few white clouds sporadically placed,
After all, life would be so boring without some challenges,
I also see a huge mountain that forms to a peak,
Representing that most roads worth traveling are usually up hill,
But when you reach the top fulfillment shall be present,
At the top of this mountain is a castle in all its glory,
In which I shall of course be queen,
Living my life as I see fit and happiness around me,
Below this is a valley that is flourishing with flowers and trees,
The colors are so enticing and beautiful,
That the onlooker can almost feel their rhythm and joy,
And then of course there is a gorgeous waterfall that flows into a river,
The most vibrant color that you’ll ever lay eyes on,
You’ll want to search it time and time again,
To see if you can find all the hidden treasures there,
This is so picturesque and calming for the soul,
That I lay down my brush and feel satisfied.

Written by Becky Illson-Skinner

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