Thursday, January 12, 2012

Capital Crime Writers

Kate Burns

I apologize in advance for the shortness of this post; as I write this, I am getting ready to go the the Ottawa Public Library, for the first meeting of Capital Crime Writers, a wonderful group of published authors, mystery fans and aspiring mystery writers. I wasn't going to go, as work is getting very busy, and family life never pauses... however, this is my treat for myself.

I've lurked at a couple of meetings, but tonight I'm going to join, to reap the full benefits of membership. I'm assuming that will be increased networking, tips for my particular market here in Ottawa, Canada, and the sheer joy of talking to a bunch of people who can understand what I am going through!

Dope that I am, I forgot to grab a copy of my book (The Ophelia Trap), on my way out the door this morning. So I've stolen my boss's copy (Thanks, Eric!).

Now, in short, is the thing I want to share... join a group! Writing is so solitary, and if you are a writer with a full time job (98% of you, right?), you are undoubtedly surrounded all the live long day by people who do not understand what it is you are doing with this (crazy?) hobby. You need to seek out others of your kind. Reading blogs (as fab as this one is, I can't lie) is not enough. You have to get out there.

And, I'm late. Happy Writing!! (and talking about writing, networking for writing, meeting new writers, and so on...)

Kate Burns

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