Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Can YOU Write in 6 Sentences or Something Like It!

Hi everyone,

Okay, I thought "What Can YOU Write in 6 Sentences?" was a pretty cool interactive post for Sunday's but based on the input from readers...I think I may have been wrong. So, I spent some time brainstorming for a new idea for Sunday's and I'm hopeful that it will be easy yet interesting and that maybe, just maybe, it will encourage those that take the time to stop by to read something will also feel moved enough to interact :-)

I've come up with 4 ideas that may be worth exploring but I really want to know what YOU think so please take a few minutes to vote on the site!

Idea One:  The Online Story

What about building an online story together? Do you think we could actually have something that could possibly be self-published by a list of online co-authors at the end of the year? It's an idea and it would be interesting and fun to see where the story may or may not lead. I know some very talented people visit this site on a regular basis.

Idea Two: Week in Review

This may sound kind of boring because in a way it is but Sunday's could be a recap of what the highest viewed post of the previous week was and to open discussion on some of the best comments posted (if there were 

Idea Three: Guest Blogger by Request

What about guest bloggers, could be one of our readers that had a very strong reaction to one of the posts or a fellow author, publisher, editor...whoever feels they have something important to say! Of course, that would actually mean the interested party would have to get in touch with either Katie or myself to let us know that they would like to post something. That could be tricky and then I may have to fill the spot if nobody does...could be complicated but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work.

Idea Four: eBook Giveaway

If I can find enough authors to partake, Sunday could be used to promote an authors work by providing a synopsis of their book and giving readers an opportunity to post questions for the author to answer. At the end of the day, names from the comments will be entered into a random drawing for a free eBook of the featured author.

Help me make this site work for you!


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