Monday, October 3, 2011

Character Development

Happy Monday!!

I met with my dear friend Katie over the weekend and we got to discussing how a character evolves and she lent me a copy of a book called "45 Master Characters" written by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, which I will now need to get a copy of because it is a very valuable tool that I will surely use over and over again!

This book teaches you how to take your characters from an idea that is very one dimensional to a character that has emotion, flaws, reactions, etc. It teaches writers how to avoid the common mistake of stereotyping their characters or from putting to much of themselves in the character they are trying to create.

I want characters that are compelling, interesting and unique in my story. They need to feed off of secondary characters and "45 Master Characters" teaches you which personality types can best challenge and shape your main character.

Simply, this book is a must have for any story teller! Order yours today by clicking on the link below.

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