Thursday, October 6, 2011

Product Review - "45 Master Characters - Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters"

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I know I just blogged about this book on Monday ( "45 Master Characters - Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters" written by Victoria Lynn Schmidt) but I'm so impressed with it that I thought it was worth another mention!

I hate to admit this but up until a day or two ago I thought that I had a very strong vision of "who" the main character was in the book I'm writing. However, after reading the first several chapters of "45 Master Characters" I realized that I do still have a bit more work to do in developing my main character as well as a couple other ones in my draft.

By using some of the tools presented in this book I can bring my character from an idea on a page to a person that readers will react to and remember which is definitely what I want because this book will be the first in a series of books. I want to ensure that my main character is memorable and "45 Master Characters has given me tools to develop what should drive someone like her, what would motivate her to move out of her usual comfort zone and what obstacles would continue to drive her character and my story. Lastly, it also guides you in terms of what type of character personalities would best compliment her so she can find her way.

To give you an idea of the topics that are covered, here is the table of contents:

  1. Getting Started
    1. What Are Archetypes, and Why Should Writers Use Them?
    2. How to Use Archetypes 
  2. Creating Female Heroes and Villains
    1. Aphrodite: The Seductive Muse and the Femme Fatale
    2. Artemis: The Amazon and the Gorgon
    3. Athena: The Father's Daughter and the Backstabber
    4. Demeter: The Nurturer and the Over Controlling Mother
    5. Hera: The Matriarch and the Scorned Woman
    6. Hestia: The Mystic and the Betrayer
    7. Isis: The Female Messiah and the Destroyer
    8. Persephone: The Maiden and the Troubled Teen
  3. Creating Male Heroes and Villains
    1. Apollo: The Businessman and the Traitor
    2. Ares: The Protector and the Gladiator
    3. Hades: The Recluse and the Warlock
    4. Hermes: The Fool and the Derelict
    5. Dionysus: The Woman's Man and the Seducer
    6. Osiris: The Male Messiah and the Punisher
    7. Poseidon: The Artist and the Abuser
    8. Zeus: The King and the Dictator
  4. Creating Supporting Characters
    1. Introduction to Supporting Characters
    2. Friends
    3. Rivals
    4. Symbols
  5. The Feminine and Masculine Journeys
    1. Introduction to Archetypal Journeys
    2. Plotting the Feminine Journey
    3. Plotting the Masculine Journey
  6. Appendix
    1. The Feminine Journey Worksheet
    2. The Masculine Journey Worksheet
    3. Journey Differences
    4. Societal/Gender Differences

For the small investment (from $6.29 - $10.08) this writing resource it is more than worth it and I've made getting your copy easy - just click here 45 Master Characters



P.S. With the tools from "45 Master Characters - Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters" maybe you can avoid needing this kind of muse? :-)

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